Q.What’s your name?
A. John Mordred Deil (Dale)

Q. Where you From?
A. Manila, Philippines

Q. Height?
A. 5’5  (shortie) :P

Q.  Have Tattoos?
A.  No

Q.  Got Any Piercings?
A.  Nope

Q. Relationship Status?
A. I am so single. :P

Q.  Biggest turns on?
A.  Nice hair, Gorgeous eyes, lean and fit, a nice person.

Q.  Favorite Movie?
A.  La Raffle, Harry Potter, 28 Weeks later, Super 8, Hearts in Atlantis, Insidious

Q.  A fact about your personality?
A.  I treat people the way they treat me.

Q.  What you hate most about yourself?
A.  Being socially awkward sometimes…

Q. What you love most about yourself?
A.  I am myself… and i never let anyone step on me.

Q. Do you have Facebook?
A. Yes but it’s private.

Q. When did you start Tumblr?
A. I made it back in December 2010

Q. Smoke/Drink?
A. I don’t smoke… but i drink sometimes but never get drunk.

Q. What DSLR do you have?
A. I have none =\

Q. Do you follow back?
A. Depends

Q.  Where you would like to live?
A.  New Zealand
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